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PhoneFusion Embraces the new Google Phone

December 14th, 2009

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What a weekend. With news of the new Google phone things are changing rapidly.

What used to take 10 years in 1970 took 5 years in 1990 and less than 2 in 2009.

At the speed that Google moves, any carrier  with a product deployment cycle measured in years is already dead on arrival — those cycles need to be reduced by a factor or 4 to 5 to compete in this new “ready, fire, aim” marketplace.

However this new approach seems to be different than in the past as companies seem to be embracing the fact that its much cheaper to try something, make a mistake, tweak and redeploy versus the measure twice cut once deployments of the past

Operators that don’t change themselves to operate in this new rapid design/build/deploy will lose subs at an ever increasing rate as today’s 20 and 30 something’s are rapidly embracing this new paradigm.

We have seen quite  a few signups from the new Google phone OS over the weekend and we have had no reports of issues running our Visual Voicemail application for Android  so if you happen to be running our application and have managed to get yourself a copy of Android 2.1 then you are good to go !!

Happy holidays.

The PhoneFusion  Teamcost malegra dxt plus