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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27th, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from the PhoneFusion family. Even though its’ a holiday, we are still committed to communicating with our customers in a timely fashion regarding all our products. Today, we would like to address some more of the emails received from androidfeedback@phonefusion.com.

1. The fact that SMS messages show up in the status bar on your G1.

This is a part of the Android OS. We were told that they made this decision because people pay for SMS messages, so they should see each incoming message in the status bar.

You can try and lobby the Android Devleopment Team in their forum located

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2.I have FlexPlay and cannot set conditional call forwarding. Why?

We apologize, but T-Mobile does not allow FlexPlay customers to use conditional call forwarding. We wish they did.

3. I am hearing other audio sounds when listening to the message.

This is one that we’ve read in the comments via the Market. We are, currently, working hard on a fix for that.

Most of your answers can be found in our FAQ here.

Thanks to everyone for their feedback and, please, keep it coming! Happy Thanksgiving!

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What we are doing, What we are hearing

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