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New features for Fusion Voicemail Plus available immediately.

August 18th, 2009

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Today PhoneFusion announced a new set of highly requested features for its popular Fusion Voicemail Plus application. Responding to user requests, Fusion Voicemail Plus now provides a voice-to-text option that allows you to hear and read your voicemail messages-right from your smartphones. You can also create special voicemail greetings for certain callers (based on Caller ID) or on specific days or times of the day and play funky-fruits-slot.com.

In addition to voice-to-text and scheduled greetings, other features that are now available to Fusion Voicemail Plus users include:

– Mailbox Storage Alert: the system can send users a message to any email address, alerting them that their online mailbox is nearing capacity.

– Easy Message Forwarding: easily forward voicemails and faxes to any email address or another Fusion Voicemail Plus mailbox.

– Syncing of Voicemails: users are able to sync their voicemails from mobile to the Web. If you loose your phone, just install the FVM+ application and click sync. Your messages will automatically appear on the new phone.

– Android Widgets: Fusion Voicemail Plus widgets are now available for the Android home screen, allowing people to easily see how many messages they have in their mailbox right from their home screen.

Fusion Voicemail Plus is currently available on any cell phone network in the United States for Android and BlackBerry devices as well as smartphones running on Windows Mobile.generic viagra japan


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