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Two Great iPhone Visual Voicemail Apps

November 4th, 2009

We’re thrilled with some of the feedback we’re hearing about Fusion Voicemail Plus. We’re so glad you like it! Here’s a reminder for those of you still looking to download the app, there are two version available at the Apple iTunes App Store.

We offer Fusion Voicemail Plus Lite, for free.  This is an ad-supported app so you’ll get an ad served to you every few voicemails. 

Fusion Voicemail Plus is available for a one-time download charge of $1.99 (introductory price).  You will not get ads on this version.

NOTE:  The features are the same for both versions.  The only difference is whether you get ads sent to your iPhone or not.

You can also start with the free version and if you want to upgrade, you can do so right inside the app to the no-ad version. 

Happy visual voicemailing.

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