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Switching Back to “Regular” Voicemail

December 4th, 2008

So you’ve decided that Fusion Voicemail Plus for Android isn’t for you. That’s cool, we can handle rejection. However, you find that you cannot switch back to your “old school” voicemail. Well, here’s your answer:

I deleted Fusion Voicemail Plus from my phone, but now my real voicemail isn’t working. Why?
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There is a button directly in the application to turn off Fusion Voicemail Plus on your phone. If you are still receiving an error after turning off FVM+, you need to contact T-Mobile to get your regular voicemail switched back on.

NOTE: This should only happen if you contacted T-Mobile to turn off your regular voicemail and activate Fusion Voicemail Plus in the first place, something we do not recommend.

Remember that we are releasing updates to the Fusion Voicemail PLus for Android in record pace, so please give us a try again. More than likely, a bug that made you uninstall has been fixed so, please, give it another whirl. Thanks!sale of viagra

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