PhoneFusion Embraces the new Google Phone

December 14th, 2009

Wow !!!

What a weekend. With news of the new Google phone things are changing rapidly.

What used to take 10 years in 1970 took 5 years in 1990 and less than 2 in 2009.

At the speed that Google moves, any carrier  with a product deployment cycle measured in years is already dead on arrival — those cycles need to be reduced by a factor or 4 to 5 to compete in this new “ready, fire, aim” marketplace.

However this new approach seems to be different than in the past as companies seem to be embracing the fact that its much cheaper to try something, make a mistake, tweak and redeploy versus the measure twice cut once deployments of the past

Operators that don’t change themselves to operate in this new rapid design/build/deploy will lose subs at an ever increasing rate as today’s 20 and 30 something’s are rapidly embracing this new paradigm.

We have seen quite  a few signups from the new Google phone OS over the weekend and we have had no reports of issues running our Visual Voicemail application for Android  so if you happen to be running our application and have managed to get yourself a copy of Android 2.1 then you are good to go !!

Happy holidays.

The PhoneFusion  Team


PhoneFusion One: The Proven Business Solution

November 8th, 2009

If you’re like us, you’ve heard about Ribbit and Google Voice. Some of you might still be waiting for your invite. If you like the idea of what these services offer, but were hoping for a bit more functionality for your business, take a look at PhoneFusion One.  PhoneFusion One matches these services, but also provides business-savvy features like a virtual attendant.

With a proven track record of more than 5 years running and award-winning technology, PhoneFusion One gives businesses an easy way to manage all daily business communications with just one phone number.  Some of its key features include: Find Me /Follow Me/Hide Me, Inbound Fax to Email and Outbound Faxing via PC, Conference Calling, Click To Call, Live Transfer of a Call to any phone worldwide and a Virtual Aattendant

Check PhoneFusion One out today.


Get your Visual Voicemail App for iPhone Here

November 7th, 2009

We’ve gotten some nice coverage over the past week, but many of the stories have neglected to include a link to the iTunes store to download Fusion Voicemail Plus.  To make it easy, here are the links to the apps. 

Fusion Voicemail Plus Lite –

Fusion Voicemail Plus –

Remember, the features are the same for both versions.  The only difference is whether you get ads sent to your iPhone or not.

Happy visual voicemailing.


Droid Has Landed; Long Live Visual Voicemail

November 6th, 2009

We’re very excited about the new Droid released today.  As you try out your new phone, just remember to download Fusion Voicemail Plus for all your visual voicemail needs.  We’ve added a few new features to the app, including the ability to receive faxes right on your Droid . And unlike Verizon’s visual voicemail service that costs $2.99/month, Fusion Voicemail Plus is FREE. Download it today from Android Market.


iPhone Visual Voicemail Meets Facebook

November 5th, 2009

If you’re like many of us at PhoneFusion, checking Facebook is an everyday activity. One of the cool features of our iPhone version of Fusion Voicemail Plus is that you can post voicemails and faxes directly to your Facebook wall. Just remember that posting it to Facebook makes the message public to all of your friends.



Two Great iPhone Visual Voicemail Apps

November 4th, 2009

We’re thrilled with some of the feedback we’re hearing about Fusion Voicemail Plus. We’re so glad you like it! Here’s a reminder for those of you still looking to download the app, there are two version available at the Apple iTunes App Store.

We offer Fusion Voicemail Plus Lite, for free.  This is an ad-supported app so you’ll get an ad served to you every few voicemails. 

Fusion Voicemail Plus is available for a one-time download charge of $1.99 (introductory price).  You will not get ads on this version.

NOTE:  The features are the same for both versions.  The only difference is whether you get ads sent to your iPhone or not.

You can also start with the free version and if you want to upgrade, you can do so right inside the app to the no-ad version. 

Happy visual voicemailing.


Cool iPhone Visual Voicemail App Feature

November 3rd, 2009

We hope you’re liking our latest visual voicemail app for the iPhone. One of the coolest features we want to point out is Voice IM and Voice reply.

What’s great about Voice IM is that rather than typing a long SMS or IM, you can create an AUDIO “instant message.” How cool is that?  Simply speak your message and it will be delivered, in your voice, to anyone with a smartphone on any operator worldwide. Talk about making life easier – especially while driving.


With Voice Reply, you can record a reply to a voicemail message and have that audio file delivered right to any smartphone on any operator worldwide. It’s an easy way to return Mom’s phone call without having to actually speak to her!

We’d love to hear what you think of these features so please email us to


Fusion Voicemail Plus for the iPhone – Visual Voicemail 2.0 is here!

October 29th, 2009

Everyone loves the idea of visual voicemail – the ability to see and hear your voicemail in the order you want. We think it’s brilliant! But iPhone users have been frustrated by issues with AT&T’s visual voicemail service. Well, we have a solution. We’re proud to announce that the Fusion Voicemail Plus app is now available in the Apple iTunes App Store. This app raises the bar for what people can expect from visual voicemail. If you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, download Fusion Voicemail Plus here. Or the ad supported Fusion Voicemail Plus Lite app here.  

Not only does the Fusion Voicemail Plus app solve those problems by circumventing AT&T’s visual voicemail, but the new app offers significant enhancements to the visual voicemail experience:

  • Facebook integration. Post voicemails and faxes directly to your Facebook wall
  • Personalized Greetings. Create special greetings for certain callers, or on certain days or times of the day
  • Voice “IM.” Rather than typing a long SMS or IM, this new feature allows you to create an AUDIO IM.
  • Voice Reply. Record a reply to a voicemail and return the audio file to any smartphone
  • Fax Capability. Now iPhone users can get faxes on their iPhone using their existing mobile number
  • Message Distribution to Multiple Handsets. For small businesses or families, messages can be delivered to multiple devices at the same time


You’ll also get voice-to-text, message forwarding, web and telephone access, filter options and multiple skins. There are two versions available. Fusion Voicemail Plus Lite is a free, advertising supported app. Fusion Voicemail Plus, without ads, costs a one-time charge of $1.99. The app is compatible with all three generations of the iPhone as well as the iPod Touch.

Download Fusion Voicemail Plus here. Or try the ad supported Fusion Voicemail Plus Lite here.

Then come back and tell us what you think!

Company News

New features for Fusion Voicemail Plus available immediately.

August 18th, 2009

Today PhoneFusion announced a new set of highly requested features for its popular Fusion Voicemail Plus application. Responding to user requests, Fusion Voicemail Plus now provides a voice-to-text option that allows you to hear and read your voicemail messages-right from your smartphones. You can also create special voicemail greetings for certain callers (based on Caller ID) or on specific days or times of the day.

In addition to voice-to-text and scheduled greetings, other features that are now available to Fusion Voicemail Plus users include:

– Mailbox Storage Alert: the system can send users a message to any email address, alerting them that their online mailbox is nearing capacity.

– Easy Message Forwarding: easily forward voicemails and faxes to any email address or another Fusion Voicemail Plus mailbox.

– Syncing of Voicemails: users are able to sync their voicemails from mobile to the Web. If you loose your phone, just install the FVM+ application and click sync. Your messages will automatically appear on the new phone.

– Android Widgets: Fusion Voicemail Plus widgets are now available for the Android home screen, allowing people to easily see how many messages they have in their mailbox right from their home screen.

Fusion Voicemail Plus is currently available on any cell phone network in the United States for Android and BlackBerry devices as well as smartphones running on Windows Mobile.


Fusion Voicemail Plus Tops More than 250,000 downloads in Android; Android Users Can Centralize All of their Voicemail Boxes Right on their Android Smartphone

August 12th, 2009

This is a copy of the press relase we sent out today.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Aug. 12, 2009 - PhoneFusion™, an innovative provider of reliable, hosted communications solutions, announced today that its award-wining Fusion Voicemail Plus app has topped more than 250,000 downloads on Android Market. The app currently ranks among the top 50 free applications available on Market. This free visual voicemail app gives Android users the ability to centralize all of their voicemail boxes and see – right on the screen of their mobile device – a list of their voicemail messages. The ability to bring multiple voicemail boxes together into one location is a critical differentiator for Fusion Voicemail Plus.

 PhoneFusion’s Fusion Voicemail Plus service significantly enhances basic visual voicemail and allows users to listen to their voicemails directly from their smartphone. PhoneFusion’s patent-pending technology displays Caller ID Name on each voicemail, even if the information isn’t already saved in the users’ phonebooks. Fusion Voicemail Plus is currently available on any cell phone network in the United States. In addition to the popular Android app, PhoneFusion has also developed a version for BlackBerry devices as well as smartphones running on Windows Mobile. The company is currently developing a version for iPhone. 

 “We are thrilled by the response we’ve seen from Android community. The fact that we’ve now hit the highest rating level in Android Market speaks volumes about the need for a visual voicemail service like Fusion Voicemail Plus,” said Jonathan Hollander, founder and EVP, PhoneFusion. “We continue to gather insight and feedback from the Android community and are continually adding new features to the app. In fact, we’re just putting the finishing touches on a new set of highly requested features that we expect will be very well received.”

 About PhoneFusion

PhoneFusion is an innovative provider of reliable, hosted communications solutions. Built on PhoneFusion’s Universal Telephony Services (UTS) Platform, the company delivers a portfolio of cutting edge communications solutions allow  users to craft the suite of services they need for their professional and social lives – unencumbered by the need for hardware, management permission, hard-to-decipher interfaces or costly up-front investments. PhoneFusion calls this User Defined Communications. PhoneFusion is based in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. For more information on the company and its products, please visit them online at