Visual Voicemail for Nokia S60 V3

August 5th, 2009

We have almost completed a  version of Fusion Voicemail Plus for Nokia S60 V3.  Anyone in the USA interested in Beta Testing for us please email

Thank you


Better sound quality on Voicemails

May 12th, 2009

In order to improve the sound quality of your voicemails and to compensate for the often low grade speakers on mobile phone handsets, we are pleased to announce today that we have completed implementing proprietary software algorithms throughout our systems in order to expand the dynamic range of the sound file sent to your phones.

What that translates to is better sounding voicemails on your cellphone !!!


9 favorite Google Android apps and yep, PF is one of ‘em!

May 11th, 2009

We’re proud to share the following news story with our readers…


1.0 version release of Visual Voicemail Plus for Android

April 24th, 2009

After several months of testing we have released the 1.0 version of FVM+ for Android. The changes in this version are:

Added a hint to the device password
Changed the behavior when dealing with the SD card that is sometimes unavailable when connected to a PC. Messages will be processed as soon as the SD card becomes available.


Microsoft official Windows Mobile Marketplace Teaser

April 2nd, 2009

Check out the video that Microsoft just released and see how many times you can find the PhoneFusion name / logo !!!!


Beta of Fusion Voicemail Plus 2.0 for Windows Mobile Launched

April 1st, 2009

An Industry First, New Version of Visual Voicemail Application Gives Windows Mobile Users the Exclusive Ability to Receive Faxes Right on their Smartphone

Las Vegas, CTIA Wireless 2009 – April 1, 2009 – PhoneFusion™, an innovative provider of reliable, hosted communications solutions, joins Microsoft at CTIA Wireless 2009 to launch its beta release of Fusion Voicemail Plus™ 2.0 for Windows Mobile devices. PhoneFusion is showcasing its popular visual voicemail application for smartphones in the Microsoft booth (#5136 Central Hall 1). Fusion Voicemail Plus for Windows Mobile is immediately available for download at and has been tested to fully support the upcoming Windows Mobile 6.5 release from Microsoft.

Fusion Voicemail Plus 2.0 for Windows Mobile is a free, downloadable voicemail application that gives any Windows Mobile smartphone user with a wireless data and text messaging plan the ability to centralize all of their voicemail boxes and see – right on the screen of their mobile device – a list of their voicemail messages. The service also allows users to listen to their voicemails directly from their smartphone.

The most exciting new feature – exclusive to Windows Mobile users – is that for the first time mobile consumers will have the ability to receive faxes right on their smartphone. Users can use their existing mobile number or register a new number to receive faxes. Another feature developed exclusively for Windows Mobile users is the ability to easily forward voicemails to any email address or another Fusion Voicemail Plus mailbox. This new version also integrates with the users address book and expands the ability to use touchscreen gestures to navigate through messages.

“Fusion Voicemail Plus is an innovative mobile application that lets the Windows Mobile community experience the powerful freedom of the mobile lifestyle. As we prepare to introduce the Windows Marketplace for Mobile, we are pleased to partner with PhoneFusion to offer our users a better Voicemail experience. With this partnership, we open the door for millions of Windows Mobile users to experience visual voicemail from any Windows Mobile device,” said Jason Lim, Director ISF & Developer Experience, at Microsoft.

For those interested in participating in the Fusion Voicemail Plus 2.0 for Windows Mobile public beta, PhoneFusion is offering FREE faxing to the first 50,000 Windows Mobile users who download the application. PhoneFusion is also interested in feedback on the visual voicemail application. Beta users can post feedback at

“We’ve been refining Fusion Voicemail Plus for more than a year. We listen to our customers and, often through their suggestions, find ways to improve our users Voicemail experience. We’ve had more than 200,000 downloads since we first launched and the application is now available on Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Android smartphones. We look forward to being part of the Windows Marketplace for Mobile, making it easier than ever for Windows Mobile users to access this powerful new way of getting voicemail on their mobile device,” stated Jonathan Hollander, co-founder of PhoneFusion.

About Fusion Voicemail Plus 2.0 for Windows Mobile
Fusion Voicemail Plus provides a faster, more efficient way to listen to voicemail messages in the order people want, rather than dialing multiple voicemail systems and listening to the messages in chronological order. A feature distinct to Fusion Voicemail Plus, users can view the incoming phone number and see the caller ID name. Fusion Voicemail Plus users are able to dial the callers back immediately or send them a text message. Fusion Voicemail Plus is available on any cell phone network in the United States for smartphones running on Windows Mobile 5 and 6 as well as BlackBerry and Android devices.



PhoneFusion to Participate in CTIA Wireless

March 30th, 2009

PhoneFusion™, the leading provider of reliable communications solutions, today announced the company will attend CTIA Wireless 2009, April 1-3 being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. At the event, PhoneFusion will showcase its innovative Fusion Voicemail Plus application as part of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile™ initiative in booth #5136. This free, downloadable application is available to anyone and brings the convenience of visual voicemail to smartphones. In addition, PhoneFusion will showcase its full portfolio of user-defined communications services that enable wireless providers to expand their current product offerings with value-add features such as inbound faxing, virtual attendant, call recording, Find Me/Follow Me.

Who: PhoneFusion
What: CTIA Wireless 2009
Where: Booth 5136, Las Vegas Convention Center
When: Wednesday, April 1 through Friday, April 3

PhoneFusion is committed to delivering innovative communication services that not only create new revenue streams for wireless service providers but also become “must-haves” for customers. The company’s Fusion Voicemail Plus provides a faster, more efficient way to listen to voicemail messages in the order people want, rather than dialing multiple voicemail systems and listening to the messages in chronological order and is a terrific addition to any service provider’s portfolio of communications services. It brings the visual attractiveness of the iPhone to any mobile device. Fusion Voicemail Plus and all of the PhoneFusion user-defined communications services are available for private label or bundling into a core offering.

PhoneFusion’s Award-winning Technology
Last year, PhoneFusion was awarded two industry awards for its innovative mobile technology as part of CTIA’s third annual Emerging Technology (E-Tech) Awards. The wireless technologies were judged on innovation, functionality, technological importance, implementation and overall “wow” factor.
As the largest wireless show in the world representing a $1 trillion global industry, International CTIA WIRELESS brings together all industries advanced by wireless technology for three days of intense learning and networking. Visit
CTIA -The Wireless Association® is the international association for the wireless telecommunications industry, representing carriers, manufacturers and wireless Internet providers. CTIA is also recognized as the producer of two annual technology events: International CTIA WIRELESS 2009 takes place in Las Vegas, April 1-3; International CTIA WIRELESS I.T. & Entertainment 2009 takes place in San Diego, October 7-9. For more association information, visit .

Company News

Join us at CTIA

March 30th, 2009

CTIA Wireless 2009 kicks off this week in Las Vegas and PhoneFusion will be there! This is the world’s largest wireless event and we’ll be spreading the word about all of PhoneFusion’s cutting-edge communications services. We will also be launching the 2.0 beta of our newest version of the popular Visual Voicemail application for Windows Mobile devices.

If you’re in Vegas, please come see us. We’re exhibiting in the Microsoft booth (#5136 Central Hall 1) and will showcase our innovative Fusion Voicemail Plus application. We can’t divulge the details yet, but we’ll be sharing some exciting news about our new 2.0 beta release for Windows Mobile devices and our plans for the new Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

So please stop by and see us at CTIA Wireless 2009. We’ll be there from start to finish (Wednesday, April 1 – Friday, April 3). And be sure to keep an eye on the PhoneFusion blog right here and follow us on Twitter ( for updates from the show.

What we are doing

PhoneFusion listens to their users and takes action!

March 6th, 2009

Well as of today, ALL users of PhoneFusion’s Fusion Voicemail Plus now have the ability to receive 2 minute messages on their voicemail. PhoneFusion’s Development Team listened closely to the feedback from subscribers and increased the once 1 minute limit to 2 minutes. 

This is why we encourage everyone to let us know what you think needs to change so that we can continue to improve the user experience an set an example to other companies as to how to listen to users and not just numbers! 

Now we do realize that there are a lot of “enhancemnet wishes” on the feedback list and I assure you we will be addressing them and implementing what we can and without a doubt updating this blog and utilizing Twitter to notify you all of the great things going on @ PhoneFusion!


Windows Mobile Update additions will come sooner than you think!

February 17th, 2009

Well I think it’s safe to say that the big news so far @ the Mobile World Congress is Microsoft announcing their new Windows Marketplace for Windows Mobile that will be available sometime in the second half of 2009. Of course, this announcement was made the day after a private invitation only party Microsoft had (yes we were invited, as were other worthy application companies), which is exciting to see that WM is going to be aggressive in this space along with Apple and Android where application marketplaces provide great venues for several options in addition to just downloading the application for instance the ability to provide feedback on applications, rate them, etc. All of which to a company such as ourselves, that information is invaluable. With that, it is safe to say that PhoneFusion will definitely be releasing some great additions to the Fusion Voicemail Plus application for Windows Mobile so stay tuned.

Other than that announcement the show itself is a bit underwhelming. Big as it may be (and it is big), there aren’t as many NEW things as you may expect. There is still two days so perhaps we’re speaking too soon. One really sexy thing is the Nokia N97. Plenty of blogging going on about that.

We have not noticed as much Android related things as we were anticipating which is a bit surprising. Anyone who has feedback on that or any idea as to why that may be, please post a comment as we are always looking to engage in great conversation with our readers and PhoneFusion users. If we see or hear of anything that is deemed as “breaking news” or “top secret” *wink* we will try to bring it to you as fast as we can! Be sure to also follow us on Twitter. Username: phonefusion